2" Tie Down Straps
 Galvanized standard ratchet with lever safety, two  Highly stretched Polyester fabric, 50mm, low elongation, abrasion resistant. basic color orange and Green others colore available as request
Webbing: Short part = 0.5m; long part 7.5m /8.5m or according request
Color: By default 50mm lashing systems are blue or orange.
Ratchet : galvanized and powder coated comfort ratchet with ergonomically designed ratchet lever hand lever security, 
                  Nomal Hand  lever is 190cm, available 350 cm hand Ratchet lever with Pre-tension forces Can  ach1000 daN 
End Fittings: Galvanized hooks.
two 50 mm ratchet lever, ideal transmission ratio Pre-tension forces of 500 daN But 1000 daN can be easily achieved.

Code   Type WLL Buckle Width Code Thickness  
  50H  Heavy  6.0T   60MM Green 2.8.0mm  
  50S  Standards 5.0T   50m Orange 2.5mm  
  50L Light 4.0   50mm   2.0  
  50SL  Light 2.0   50mm Yellow 1.5mm  






 End Fitting
U-Profile hook
DoMagnet Hook
Snap hook
DoConnect - Hook
Triangle snap hook
Heavy-duty profile hook
Finger profile hook
Profile hook with safety snap