G80 Europ type clevis slip hook

Generally the products will be a personal issue to anyone who needs it, i.e. harnesses belts,
lanyards etc. A sufficient quantity of product must be readily available to employee who may
require it use. Each person issued with, and using the product, must check it visually for
defects before use and report any default to their Supervisor, Supervision shall consider the
availability of suitable anchorage points for attaching fall Arrest equipment and make
improvements whenever necessary, They will also be expected to actively encourage
employees to wear and use fall arrest equipment

It should be possible to carry out a visual inspection of the whole full body harness, even if
the full body harness is incorporated within a garment and results of each examination
recorded overleaf when the equipment is supplied new, the initial examination need only take
place before use. Particular attention should be directed to the following points when carrying
our examination. Webbing checks for cuts, cracks tears, abrasion and scorch marks, burns
undue stretching and damage caused by gradual deterioration or chemical attack

Locate abrasion as distinct from general wear maybe course by the passage of the webbing
over sharp Edges Or protrusions while under tension and may cause serious loss of strength.
Slight damage to outer fibers and An occasional torn yarn maybe considered harmless.
But serious reduction in width or thickness of the Webbing or serous distortion to the weave
pattern should lead to rejection Metallic fittings should be inspected for damaged and signs
of distortion . Check for mechanical integrity and function check for worm week or damaged

Look for broken stitching, loose or worm threads
If in doubt withdraw the equipment immediately from service and return it, with a covering
note to the Issuing store, if the equipment has been used to arrest a fall or if it thought to
have been used to arrest a Fall it is essential that the equipment is with drawn from use
and returned to the issuing store. Form there It may be returned to the manufacturer of

The equipment should be looked after and stored correctly when not in sue and personal
equipment should not be left lying around the site/works. Fall body harnesses shall be
wrapped but not necessarily sealed in moisture proof materials

The Instruction of use shall comply with EN 365. It is Safespan's recommendation that a
competent person on its Correct use and any other relevant information should instruct
anyone who is required to sue this equipment

When tested at each attachment as described in

. of EN 364: 1992 with a force
of 15 KN and as Described in

of EN 364:1992 with a force of 10 KN the full body