How to ordering our products

The selection of Sling

How to ordering
In order to be sure that we supply exactly the sling required.The order placed should specify the following:
When ordering sling always consider
A. Type of hitch 
B. Capacity tables
C. The sling to load angles 

When placing order please specify
1.Sling type and products code ( Endless .with eye with fittings)
2.Type of end fittings ( flat eye. reserved eye. Eye with fittings) 
3.Working Load Limited(WLL)
4.Safety factory(6:1: 7:1; 8:1)
5.Overall length of slingbbing     

The seclection of Wire Rope Sling


The Selection Of Chain Sling
1.Determine the maximum load to be lifted.
2.Refer to the following pages and choose the proper type of chain sling (single, double, etc.) dictated by the size, shape and weight of the load.
3.Estimate the approximate angle between a leg of the sling and the load during operation.
4.Select the proper attachments (hooks and master links) for your chain sling.
5.Determine the overall reach from bearing point on master link to bearing point on attachment.
6.Refer to the Working Load Limit Chart and to your predetermined angle of the type sling you have selected.
7.Choose the chain size which meets your requirements.
8.When entering your order be sure you give complete information as to the size, reach and attachments required.

The selection of Cargo Lashing


The Seclection Of Fall Arrest 


The selection of Outdoor products