Guangzhou zengchen Safespan sling factory is a China based professional factory in lifting equipment line. Its products including:
Sythetic sling: webbing sling, round sling, dyneema sling. muti-leg sling
Cargo security: tie down straps. 
Full arrest equipment: full body harness, half body harness. harness for moutaim climb, safety belt
Grad 80 chain lifting: Grade 80 Lifting Chain ranged 6mm to 22mm
Accessoires: Ratchet buckle, Cambuckle,  wire hooks, flat hook, forged hooks and so on

Most of our products and its accessories are design and manufactory by ourselves based on production processes according to EN ISO 9001 and 14001. This incorporates with our teams will offer reliable and secure solutions in lifting, package and transporting secure, fall arrest sports,
Our factory has four department:
Webbing weaving and sewing.
Accessories stamping forging and die castingL
Lifting Chain production
Testing department

with this four department, most of our products are finished and tested in our factory committed to safety.
Our main concern is your safety, as well as the safety of staff and all others nvolved.

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