Round Sling

Endless round sling are made form a continuous loop of 100% polyester laod bear yarns coverd by no- loaded Single or double lay cover With continuous imprint of working load limit stripes on it, The number of the stripe means the working load ton.

 Its softy and light, easily confirms to the shape of load.

  • thick special cover with extra stable webbing
  • woven-in working load limit mark which can not rot or wear out
  • tight cover easy handling
    Widely using in the lifting of machine equipment and heavy cargo
    Low elongation. 
    The most flexible style of sling ease of use and inspection。 
    Less rigging weight easy handling 
    Wear points can be shifted to extend life 
    Capacity stripes; each strips is equal to 1 Ton capacity. 
    The SWL is clearly and continuously printed on the sleeve

Raw Materials :( PES), polyamide (PA), and polypropylene (PP)
Standards: EN 1492-1:2000 and EN 1492-2:2000.
Color code: En 1494 or customer request
Elongation: EN1492-1 and 2. PA PES AND PP are have similar elongation


Eye Protecting:

Stock No  Color  WLL  Width  Lay  Thickness  EyeLength Weight 
 422.41.100 Violets  1000kg          
 422.41.200 Green  2000kg  50cm  1lay  2.8mm 360  
 422.41.300 Yellow  3000kg          
 422.41.400 Brown  4000kg          
 422.41.500 Red  5000kg          
 422.41.600 Coffee  6000kg          
 422.41.800 Blue  8000kg          
 422.41.700 Orange  10000kg          
 422.41.900  Orang  12000kg