ONE USE WEBBING Sling According DIN60005

SafeSpan One-way use web slings are produced according to DIN 60005 and have a safety factor of 1:5.
But also can supply safety factory of1:4 or 1:3 according cusotmer request

One-use web slings are normaly using to the situation where the sling will dis-posed of after one time use

Please noted the sling are not produced according EN1492 or relativity standards.
normally it do not have colore code or standarized code or have the mini thickness reqirement like normal sling
its breaking force only 5 or 4 even 3 times of the working load
its supposed to be destroyed after one time use
it can be have defferent designs in practorica applications such as small eye.

The one time use sling not must to be According DIN 60005:2005 But please note the requirment of DIN60005:
The safety factory is 1:5, that means that the minimum breaking force must be the working load limit multi- plied by 5
• Mini-thickness of the sling is 1 mm
• Maximum band width is 4 inch or 100mm
• web slings are equipped with an orange label
• the web sling must be destroyed after used


One used Webbing Sling with Eye

one used Webbing Sling with Endless eye

one used Round Sling with Eye

one used Round Endless Sling 

What is the “pre-slung”technique?

The so called “pre-slung” technique is used for the storing and transport of goods which have been slung in advance (“pre-slung”). This means that the endless web slings remain slung permanently around the loading unit during the whole transport.

Exclusively for this technique, endless web slings for repeated use can be loaded with the maximum working load limit denoted on the label multiplied with 1,4! These web slings have to be disposed of at the end of transportation.

Further use is allowed only, if no defects possibly concerning the safety have occurred (see BGR 500, 5.8).

According to the current EN 1492-1 the factor of working load limit is 1:7, so the relevant coefficient is 1,4

There are web slings for repeated use

accordingto DIN EN 1492-1 and one-use web slings according to DIN 60005. The preslung technique according to BGR 500 makes sense only with this distinction.

Practically speaking: Pre-slung techniques can be applied only to web slings

for repeated use according to DIN EN 1492-1. Pre-slung techniques are forbidden for

one-use or disposable web slings, like ASG web slings which meet DIN 60005

only. By the way: Considering pre-slung techniques,

one usually thinks of textile web slings. Pre-slung techniques can also be applied to textile eye slings or wire rope slings. Chain slings are not appropriate for pre–slung techniques.